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The phone lines are as interesting and mysterious as the Internet itself, holding many surprises for the average hacker to stumble upon. Come phreak with us. - GNY PBX - War Dialing - Phone Audio - 7-1-1 Numbers - ConfCon - The Conet Project GNY PBX storm has set up a PBX for general use and can be called using any of the methods listed. It is still in development but offers some basic crap for the time being. If you are not within the local calling area of the DIDs, then other options are available by using a calling card, free cell phone minutes, or a SIP/VoIP service. Thanks to MrResist0r for donating his number! PBX Functionality Press 1 for an echo test (terminated by #) Press 2 to use the DTMF decoder (terminated by #) Press 3 to have your Caller ID read back Press 8 to dial out (password required) Press 9 to hangup Users may find issue using Skype due to its inability to send proper DTMF. If possible, you may wish to call a physical phone from Skype and conference in the PBX. Update: The PBX is currently offline due to a blackout screwing up the box. It'll be back online as soon as I feel like fixing it. Number: +1 253 242 2678 (WA, USA) Provider: IPKall Inbound Limit: Single Call Number: +1 253 397 1495 (WA, USA) Provider: IPKall Inbound Limit: Single Call Number: +1 425 406 4228 (WA, USA) Provider: IPKall Inbound Limit: Single call SIP: 17474607997 Provider: SIPphone (*747) For a list of PSTN->SIP gateways around the world and in most major U.S. cities, check out http://www.sipbroker.com/sipbroker/action/pstnNumbers. If you are unable to call the PBX using ordinary means or if it is more convenient for you to use a gateway, then a local SIPBroker number may be of use to you. At the prompt, first enter our SIP code (*747) and then our SIP number (17474607997) to be connected to the PBX. War Dialing The art of scanning a range of numbers is known as war dialing. Although the purpose of such scans has declined over the years as phones become less prominent, war dialing still sparks curiosity and keeps the phreaking scene alive. Below are releases performed by GNY staff or submitted by GNY members. You will find the majority of the scans completed in complaince with Bell's Mind Markup Language (BM2L) standards; learn more about what that means here (props to dual). GNY is also host to the Scanaday project, started by samo in 2008. The project has since fallen idle, but its archives remain available. The project boasts a total of 86 scans performed by a number of phreaks, spanning from December 2008 to November 2009. You can visit the Scanaday project at http://scanaday.gonullyourself.org/. Current Campaigns 212-xxx-0000 (50% complete) 800-xxx-1337 (100% complete) 800-xxx-ANAC (100% complete) 800-xxx-NULL (100% complete) 866-xxx-NULL (100% complete) 907-xxx-8888 (25% complete) Range Performed By Date Campaign +44 0800 401xxx ethicalhack3r August 2010 U.K. +56-x-xxx-0000 storm March 2010 Chile +56-2-3xx-0000 storm March 2010 Chile +56-2-4xx-0000 storm, ThoughtPhreaker March 2010 Chile +56-2-5xx-0000 storm March 2010 Chile +56-2-6xx-0000 storm March 2010 Chile 212-2xx-0000 storm, ThoughtPhreaker February 2010 212-xxx-0000 212-3xx-0000 storm, ThoughtPhreaker February 2010 212-xxx-0000 212-4xx-0000 storm February 2010 212-xxx-0000 212-5xx-0000 storm April 2010 212-xxx-0000 254-939-44xx storm August 2009 303-561-24xx storm November 2009 303-561-26xx storm November 2009 315-2xx-9935 storm November 2009 315-3xx-9935 storm November 2009 325-235-06xx storm September 2009 408-339-97xx storm July 2009 414-227-01xx storm September 2009 419-646-98xx storm November 2009 508-655-38xx storm June 2010 608-957-01xx storm December 2009 608-957-01xx storm January 2010 617-253-09xx storm February 2010 MIT 617-253-10xx storm January 2010 MIT 617-253-11xx storm February 2010 MIT 631-242-98xx storm August 2009 757-423-99xx storm March 2010 757-428-99xx storm March 2010 757-446-99xx storm March 2010 757-480-99xx ThoughtPhreaker, storm March 2010 757-543-99xx storm March 2010 757-865-99xx storm March 2010 800-0xx-1337 storm February 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-1xx-1337 storm February 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-2xx-1337 storm February 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-2xx-ANAC storm August 2009 800-xxx-ANAC 800-2xx-NULL storm July 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-3xx-1337 storm June 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-3xx-ANAC storm January 2010 800-xxx-ANAC 800-3xx-NULL m0nkee August 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-4xx-1337 storm July 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-4xx-ANAC storm November 2009 800-xxx-ANAC 800-4xx-NULL storm April 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-5xx-1337 storm July 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-5xx-ANAC Batch December 2009 800-xxx-ANAC 800-5xx-NULL storm August 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-5xx-9935 Decimalz August 2009 800-6xx-1337 m0nkee July 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-6xx-ANAC Batch December 2009 800-xxx-ANAC 800-6xx-NULL storm August 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-7xx-1337 storm June 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-7xx-ANAC binjinx October 2009 800-xxx-ANAC 800-7xx-NULL storm September 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-8xx-1337 storm March 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-8xx-ANAC binjinx October 2009 800-xxx-ANAC 800-8xx-NULL whye March 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-9xx-1337 storm March 2009 800-xxx-1337 800-9xx-ANAC Batch January 2010 800-xxx-ANAC 800-9xx-NULL Decimalz August 2009 800-xxx-NULL 800-999-99xx Decimalz August 2009 847-244-98xx storm August 2009 860-959-xx00 storm March 2010 AT&T 959 860-959-xx99 storm March 2010 AT&T 959 866-xxx-NULL Murder Mouse, Lynn_X February 2010 866-xxx-NULL 907-8xx-8888 storm June 2010 907-xxx-8888 907-9xx-8888 storm June 2010 907-xxx-8888 909-390-00xx storm October 2009 Phone Audio Not sure whether that was a fax or a modem you just dialed? Use our repository of recorded tones, machine responses, and the just plain weird to assist you. View repository 7-1-1 Numbers These mysterious numbers have stumped the phreaking scene for years, no one being able to truly determine their purpose. A systematic string of pre-recorded digits are read (with the numbers 7-1-1 always remaining static), followed by a flurry of DTMF tones that are difficult to decode. However, PhreakerD7 and storm have finally unmasked the 7-1-1! Be sure to check out our presentation from ConfCon '09. Below is a list of confirmed 7-1-1 numbers. We strive to have the largest index, so please report any that you find! Number RESPORG Reported By +44 800 917 5510 BT (ukphoneinfo.com) RP 800-219-7512 AT&T - 800-222-3000 samo 800-258-9900 AT&T - 800-222-3000 Caustiq 800-323-3406 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 Decimalz 800-327-2622 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 storm 800-423-0116 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 pilcheck 800-433-6855 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 storm 800-504-1337 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 storm 800-506-3553 AT&T - 800-222-3000 Yauch 800-513-0018 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 Rpm 800-649-9097 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 Yauch 800-654-7664 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 Yauch 800-798-9641 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 Yauch 800-799-6588 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 whye 800-859-1337 AT&T - 800-222-3000 storm 800-894-2622 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 binjinx 800-895-0348 AT&T - 800-222-3000 Yauch 800-895-1671 AT&T - 800-222-3000 Yauch 800-895-9731 AT&T - 800-222-3000 Yauch 866-456-6855 AT&T - 800-222-3000 Murder Mouse, Lynn_X 877-672-2324 AT&T - 800-222-3000 ThoughtPhreaker 888-222-7007 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 PhreakerD7 As if 7-1-1 numbers weren't uncanny enough, there are in fact 8-1-1 numbers too! Number RESPORG Reported By 800-789-6324 Not recognized, Code: ATx99 - 800-222-3000 Spaz101 ConfCon ConfCon is an annual event relating to new research in phone technologies and reviving the phreaking scene. Structured as a massive conference call, many phreaks and phone enthusiasts connect for one day a year to learn new tricks, exchange information and stories, and have some old school teleconferencing fun. We have mirrored the content from past years, available below: ConfCon 2009 mirror ConfCon 2010 mirror The Conet Project This project describes the recording of numbers stations, establishments believed to have been run by governments around the world to send coded messages to spies in the field using shortwave radios transmissions. Abiding by strict schedules, random letters, numbers, and words were spoken by a variety of voices - male, female, young, and old were all used. Below is a mirror of the 4-CD compilation of numerous recordings of numbers stations, compliments of Irdial. View mirror